Using the VISTA LENS INSPECTION SYSTEM, the fully automatic detection and classification of cosmetic defects on spectacle lenses is now possible for the first time. Consequently, the manual inspection of such lenses has become obsolete.

The VISTA measuring system, developed by A&C, detects production-related, cosmetic defects such as scratches, particles under the hardcoat, holes, circular turning structures, shadowing and coating run, etc. on the transparent lenses with almost 100% reliability. In addition, plausibility checks (reversed right and left lenses, missing engravings, production data comparisons) can be completed on the basis of an accompanying product docket.


Following a completed examination, VISTA classifies the respective lens as “OK”/ “NOK” - Not OK. The use of VISTA thus allows the bypassing of the manual inspection used previously and the direct routing of cosmetically flawless lenses to final production.
During the manufacturing process, VISTA is not only able to automatically inspect spectacle lenses inline and assess them with regard to cosmetic defects, but also to classify any defect patterns. Error rates and complaint costs resulting from the previous state of the art manual inspection are therefore significantly reduced.
Moreover, defect classification can also prove to be of major importance for the further optimization of production lines, as the resultant feedback can be employed immediately for the identification and eradication of weak points. Turning structures on the lens provide one example in this regard and would indicate a defective tool.
VISTA is able to inspect both coated and uncoated lenses and can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines at various points in the manufacturing process without sizable expenditure. This facilitates the fully automatic detection of defective lenses and their ejection from production before further, cost-intensive upgrading is needed.
VISTA VISTA is able to guarantee a high, uniform flow rate. The minimum requirement is a throughput of 300 lenses per hour, whereby the system is designed for 24-hour operation.
All of the tests carried out are fully and reproducibly recorded. The resultant images are stored together with the qualitative assessment and classification. As a result, the automatically generated documentation of the cosmetic quality inspection of spectacle lenses is now a reality.
The earliest possible defect detection also has a positive effect upon energy and resource consumption. Defective products can be removed from the manufacturing process at an early stage, or returned as material. Downstream production phases are not passed through and the dispatch and return of defective items are also eliminated.

Partners in the spectacle lens sector:

Optiswiss AG is active in the development, production and sale of spectacle lenses and has specialist know-how regarding the manufacture and measurement of technical parameters such as optical effect, thickness and lens radius.

VISTA has been used in production at Optiswiss since 2022 and the company provides a showroom for presentations and professional advice.

A&C has entered into an exclusive partnership with OptoTech AG for VISTA sales and servicing. Today, OptoTech offers the world's widest range of equipment and processes for machining precision and ophthalmic optics. In fact, OptoTech covers every production line phase from pre-machining to polishing, measuring and finishing.
OptoTech installs the VISTA measuring system in a standardised machine for integration into the production processes of plant operators.