Drag and Bot

Simple Robot Programming

Operating industrial robots like a smartphone

drag&bot constitutes the simplest method of flexible robot system programming. The intuitive user surface enables personnel to implement robot applications quickly and independently without extensive training.
Using the intuitive graphic user surface of the software, even employees without experience in the handling of robots are able to solve complex tasks. Instead of programming the robots, by means of drag and drop users can create a program sequence consisting of various pre-produced functional blocks. With the help of wizards (help applications), various parameters can be established quickly and easily. The software is web-based and can be employed for robots and components from differing manufacturers. The layout of the user surface always remains identical and is therefore also manufacturer-independent. drag&bot provides companies with an extremely flexible and cost-efficient means of utilizing industrial robots in production. Furthermore, the amounts of time and energy required for setting, configuration and the acquisition of the necessary robot know-how are significantly reduced. As a result, dynamic production processes for small batches can be automated.


Neurala VIA

Brain Builder (also available as cloud service)

Quickly and easily build and manage models for a wide range of inspection use cases using both Anomaly Recognition and Recognition datasets.


Quickly & easily configure the touchpoints of models to your machine, integrate both camera and machine control seamlessly. See product video for more details